Monday, 21 January 2013

Very Basic 3D Nail Art

 I have always admired people who can do their nails well, and love the Japanese style of nail art. I have been looking at it on Google images for ages and finally decided to have a go.

I ordered these cute little nail bow from eBay I will link them but as it is eBay they might not still be there if you see this post in a a weeks time. They were 30 pieces fro 99p. I got two different set in two different colours, I got one in khaki and another in purple.

The nail varnish I used is Barry M in the colour Silvery Lilac, its quite thin so I had to use 2 coats.

I didn't use nail glue to get the bows to stick I just placed them on to the nail varnish when it was still wet. I think I might buy some nail glue for next time though.

I put the bows right at the back of my nails to stop them form coming off when I did normal things, I always chi the tips of my nails any way.

I want to try some different and more complicated designs so I have ordered a dotting tool form eBay, so I can do that.

I love looking at the little bows on my fingers.

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